Smithfield Township of Bradford County Pa
Welcome to Smithfield Township
Smithfield Township 4th Annual Summer Fest
Saturday, July 13th, 2019

Smithfield Township was officially established in 1809, and taken from Ulster Township. The Township was again divided in 1813, to create both Columbia and Springfield Townships. The Township was named after David Smith who purchased the property from the Connecticut Title, yet never lived there. In 1792, Isaiah Grover was the first settler in Smithfield. The first framed house was built by Reuben Mitchell, which was constructed in 1803. In 1806, Ephriam Gerould taught the first school. By 1887, census records reveal a total population of 1,826 persons living in the Township.

Smithfield Township is located north central of Bradford County, the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, not far from the New York State border.   The Township has noticed a  recent growth in natural gas manufacturing. Our annual - Fourth of July and Christmas on the Green celebrations are enjoyed by thousands yearly!

Smithfield Township of Bradford County Pa